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Now Offering Original Music

AP Images offers music solutions through Audiosocket, a leading music licensing agency with high-quality, pre-cleared and culturally relevant original music. Access 40,000 songs created by 2,400+ emerging artists, bands, record labels and composers worldwide.

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New MicrostockRF Images

AP Images in partnership with Fotolia now offers a stunning collection of over 17 million microstock, royalty-free images priced as low as 84 cents an image. These images cover a vast variety of popular themes and are only available through a monthly subscription plan.

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Top Photos of 2012

With Superstorm Sandy, the London Olympics, continuing unrest in the Middle East, the U.S. presidential election and mass shooting tragedies, there's been no shortage of big headlines in 2012. AP's cameras were on the ground, capturing all the news as it happened.

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